| Tire |

Tires must be able to control the car at any temperature with high stability, high durability and good load capacity. The dispersibility of each additive in the tire determines whether the quality of the tire is uniform. Jiaxing Beihua pre-dispersed masterbatch ensures the activity of components such as vulcanizing agent accelerator and reduces the defect rate of the product. It can be applied to various parts of the tire and inner tube. Suitable for low temperature mixing.

| Footwear |

The key to the service life of the shoes lies in the sole. The good sole is light, wear-resistant and has no odor. The poor soles often have problems such as air bubbles, insufficient filling, and broken bottom. There are also appearance problems such as surface precipitation and discoloration. Jiaxing Beihua's products It can be applied to rubber parts such as soles and midsole and EVA foaming parts, so that the wear resistance of the sole is improved, the midsole is evenly foamed, and the rubber material can be reduced during processing to ensure uniform product quality.


| Rubber products |

Appearance parts such as rubber products, especially automobile sealing strips, have high requirements on the surface, and conventional additives may cause appearance problems such as pitting. Jiaxing Beihua Masterbatch uses special technology to ensure the fineness of the product and help you solve this problem. Automotive oil seals, tubing, etc. have high quality requirements. It is necessary to ensure that the materials work under high temperature or solvent and in motion. Uneven dispersion will greatly reduce the service life of the products. Then Jiaxing Beihua's masterbatch is your choice.

| Others |

Other pre-dispersed masterbatch particles can also be used in conveyor belts, rubber rollers, wire and cable, pharmaceutical plugs, vulcanized capsules and other industries.


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